The taxi driver brings two girlfriends to the bushes

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Two girlfriends love to ride a taxi, even when they have no money. But cute beauties don’t worry. They know how to give a passionate blowjob and fuck like a Singer sewing machine. It is these qualities that local taxi drivers appreciate in their friends, who are ready to take them even to the ends of the world, but in fact they immediately take them to the bushes, where they have them.

Licked her with her friend

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He is already used to licking her pussy when she sleeps naked in the heat. But today he was very surprised to find her friend with her. Unfortunately, the attempt to lick the honey slit so that the neighbor does not wake up failed and the guy had to share this delicacy with an unknown beauty.

The former paratrooper had an original conversation with the fair sex

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Have you ever tried to shove a ladle up your ass with the handle first? If not, you will never know what it was like for a housewife, who experienced all the delights of communicating with former marines on the day of their professional holiday. One of these specialists, getting drunk in the smoke, captured a neighbor in the country, and spent the whole day having fun with an obedient baby, practicing on her the skills of communicating with the fair sex.