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Laurels of Fassbinder and Antonioni do not allow the young guy to sleep peacefully. Having decided to shoot an epoch-making erotic composition on his phone, he asked his girlfriend to show how she knows how to suck dicks, using a strap-on for this, with which the lady repeatedly fucked a novice genius.

The girl teaches her friend not only yoga

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Teaching her younger friend the basics of yoga, the girl notices that she has a craving for female charms. Having decided to arrange a serious test, she strengthens her opinion and is sincerely happy, since she has long been looking for a beauty with whom she could share her very piquant hobbies. And so the search was crowned with success.

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The dark-haired lady’s beautiful boobs drive her English friend crazy. The boy invites the girl to the embassy and there, talking about the delights of London, he tries to get under the cutie’s skirt. The girl does not resist, but submissively surrenders to the man, dreaming that he will take her with him when he returns to his homeland. But the guy’s love must be earned, and therefore the dark-skinned princess dutifully rides on her prince’s penis.